Use Molinari’s ‘Jump Drill’ to Add More Speed, Distance to Your Drives

Devan Bonebrake provides a tip for driver distance and speed using a drill from Francesco Molinari

A new GOLF Academy original instruction series, Coaches Playbook: 10 More Yards, made its debut this past Monday on GOLFPASS. In the four-part series, GOLF Academy lead coach Devan Bonebrake explores all of the ways that you can get more distance off the tee, from increasing your “smash factor” (i.e., centeredness of contact) and clubhead speed to getting fit for your driver, better course management and improved fitness (i.e., how to increase your flexibility and range of motion).

For those looking for even bigger gains off the tee, Bonebrake also spends an entire chapter on how to more efficiently use the ground to generate more explosive speed and power through impact. This was the subject of Bonebrake’s appearance on Golf Channel’s Morning Drive earlier this week. Bonebrake joined Morning Drive co-host and former PGA Tour player Robert Damron in the studio and provided the viewers with two drills they can do on the range to best utilize these ground reaction forces. One of them included the now famous “Molinari Jump Drill”, named after 2018 Open champion Francesco Molinari, in which Molinari compresses his body into the ground and then literally jumps off the ground as he impacts the ball. The purpose of the drill is to transfer the energy created by pushing into and off of the ground into the arms, hands and, finally, the clubhead.

To view the entire Morning Drive segment with Bonebrake and the “Molinari Jump Drill,” click on the video link below. To watch Coaches Playbook: 10 More Yards, visit GOLFPASS.COM and sign up for a 7-day free trial.