Group Golf Lessons & Instruction 

All good instruction doesn’t have to take place entirely one-on-one. Sometimes a group setting for golf instruction can be highly beneficial to your game. It gives you some one-on-one time with a coach, but also the opportunity to work on the tips and improvement points by yourself to develop practice skills and prepare yourself for the long-term practice strategies needed to improve your golf game.

At our Golf Channel Academy locations, group instruction, programs and clinics are a constant. We see them as an easy point of entry to instruction and you should to. Not only do they offer great instruction in a group setting, but they also vary in focus and topic points, so even if you’re looking to tighten up a particular part of your game, there is likely a program or clinic for you.

If you want to find a group clinic or program in you’re area, find a facility and check out their upcoming programming.

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