PGA Championship Tip: Driving Keys for First Hole at Bethpage Black

Peter Stern teaches how to play the first hole at Bethpage Black, home of the PGA Championship

There’s a famous sign just behind the first tee at Bethpage Black Golf Course that warns golfers of the ominous danger that lies ahead. It reads: “WARNING: The Black Course Is An Extremely Difficult Course Which We Recommend Only For Highly Skilled Golfers.”

And then you step to the first tee and you see why—a very sharp dogleg-right hole that challenges your driving ability right from the get-go. The big hitters in this week’s PGA Championship just might try and challenge the trees down the right-hand side, but for the average golfer, a combination of both length and accuracy is needed to reach the corner of the dogleg.

Bethpage Black - Hole 1

In the video tip below, GOLF Academy lead coach and resident expert at Bethpage Black, Peter Stern, takes on the first-tee challenge at the Black and provides some helpful tips on how to shallow out your downswing and generate more clubhead speed and effortless power with your driver. Check it out.