Major Prep Tips: Accelerate Putterhead to Hole More Money Putts

Sean Lanyi teaches a major putting technique using acceleration

The major championship season on the PGA Tour is almost complete, with the best players in the world descending on Royal Portrush in just two weeks for the year’s final major. But for the vast majority of golfers at home watching The Open Championship, the major season is just beginning. Now is the time that they’re preparing for their club’s Member Guest, Club Championship, Father-Son Tournament or local amateur tournament.

Obviously, you don’t have the time to prepare for YOUR major like the pros do; you may even struggle to get in a few practice rounds on the course beforehand. But that doesn’t mean you can’t adequately prep for your major beforehand in just a few hours per week. There are a number of different ways that you can practice on the range or at your home course to simulate the type of pressure and conditions that you’ll be facing in your big tournament. We asked GOLF Academy lead coaches John Richman and Sean Lanyi to provide a few tips on how the amateur can best get ready for their major, whether it’s a week or two away or four weeks out, and gain an edge on their competition.

In the second of five video segments (see below), Lanyi explains why you want the putterhead accelerating versus decelerating into impact, and how you can work on creating a faster delivery into the ball to make more solid, center-face contact and minimize mis-hits. Gain more control over your putterface and you’ll putt much better under pressure.