How to Dial In the Perfect Wedge Distance

Kyle Morris teaches you how to dial in your wedge distances

April is “Scoring Zone” Month on the Golf Channel, and if you really want to get the most out of your wedges—and truly turn them into “scoring” weapons—then you will need to know precisely how far you hit them. This way, you can lay up to a favorite yardage on those longer par-5s and knock it close for a reasonable birdie opportunity.

In Part 2 of a four-part video instructional series on “Scoring Zone” shots, lead coach Kyle Morris of The Golf Room in Dublin, OH, explains how to dial in your wedge distances on the range by employing the following three-ball technique—that is, hitting one too short, hitting one too long and then finding the perfect distance in-between. Practice this way and you’ll be able to confidently cover a number of different yardages with your wedges.

Scoring zone -2 from Golf Channel Academy on Vimeo.