How to Be Cool and Save Strokes with Your Wedges

Dustin Johnson shows off his short game

April is “Scoring Zone” Month on Golf Channel, covering all scoring shots inside of 100 yards. And it’s very fitting, considering the number of delicate pitch shots and chips we’ll be seeing this week at The Masters. You won’t find many flat lies at Augusta National, and the combination of sloping fairways and fast, undulating greens will make even the most basic of wedge shots very difficult. And let’s not forget Rae’s Creek, which meanders around the greens at Amen Corner and can quickly turn a possible birdie into a double bogey or worse if a player is just a fraction off with his wedge approach.

In Part 1 of a four-part video instruction series on “Scoring Zone” shots, lead coach Kyle Morris of The Golf Room in Dublin, Ohio, describes a drill you can do on the range to produce those cool, low-flighted, spinny wedge shots you see so often from the pros out on the PGA Tour. You know: The one that draws back like a yo-yo on a string and generates a lot of “oohs” and “ahhs” out of the gallery. It’s a crowd-pleasing shot which can also be very useful when you need some stopping power or absolutely need to keep the ball below the hole.

Morris: How to hit flighted wedges