How High to Tee a Golf Ball

Looking for a tip on how to get your tee at the perfect height every time you step up to drive the ball? Learn this quick trick from Rob Strano and get started!

Total Time:

5 seconds

What You Need:

Golf ball

Golf tee (2 3/4″ or above)


1. Place your tee into the ground next to your golf ball

2. Push the top of the tee down to level with the top of your golf ball

3. Place the ball on the tee and swing away!

Consistency is golf’s golden goose. Everybody wants it. Not many have it. One of the hardest areas to develop consistency in golf is on the tee box, where amateur golfers are rarely teeing the ball up at the same height on their drives every time. Sure, they’re teeing it up at similar heights, but certainly not the same exact level every time they step up with their driver.

Have you ever wondered if there’s an easier way to get the right height on your tee for driving the golf ball long and far? GOLF Academy lead coach Rob Strano is here to help you with a quick three step tip to help you setup your drives with the perfect tee height every time. Most importantly, it will set you up with the same tee height every time, giving you the first step towards hitting consistent drives.


What’s Next?

Teeing it up is supposed to be the easy part. Now that you have a trick to get your ball at the same tee height every time you step up for a drive, it’s time to focus on how you can hit the ball longer and harder. If you’re looking for some other great pre-shot routines to help with driving the ball longer, stretches can be key, as shown by our lead coach Devan Bonebrake, from Carlsbad, CA. This distance tip focused on attack angles from Jason Birnbaum is a great place to start when it comes to your actual swing. If you want to learn more about how some of the best on tour generate power, Cameron Champ is a great person to learn from.