Griffin: Create More Height and Stopping Power

Fred Griffin teaches you a soft, high golf shot

At 137 yards, the 17th hole is the shortest on THE PLAYERS Stadium Course at TPC Sawgrass—by 40 yards! But what should be a relatively easy par 3 for most pros takes on a whole new dimension when you factor in the water that all but completely surrounds the oval-shaped green—except for a tiny sliver of walking path at the back of the green. From the tee, the 78-foot long (26 yards) green looks like the size of a peanut, and for the average golfer it appears even smaller than that.

So just how do you get the ball to stay on this green, should you clear the water? You need a lot of stopping power, says Golf Channel Academy lead coach Fred Griffin, and for the average recreational golfer (even the Tour player who’s afraid of spinning the ball off the green) that requires a very high, soft-landing iron approach. Check out the video clip below for Griffin’s keys on how to produce this high, playable trajectory.