Golf Stretches to Lengthen Out Your Drives from Devan Bonebrake

Golf Stretches from Devan Bonebrake

February is “Get Fit” month, and while we know it’s unrealistic for most golfers to spend 45 minutes limbering up or working out before every round of golf—like the pros do—there are some basic stretches you should do before you tee off.

We’ve got two stretches for you today from GOLF Academy lead coach Devan Bonebrake that you can do on the range before you hit your first ball. These will help loosen up your spine and create a greater range of motion with your upper torso, so you can outdrive all of your playing partners.

The spine works in three different ways. It bends to the side. It rotates and turns. It also extends. Being able to stretch this all out property is a huge key in preparation for a successful round of golf.

Our first golf stretch is a forward lunge and side bend, which you should do on both sides. The next stretch is a side lunge with a rotation. Use your driver for both of these stretches to help you maintain discipline and get the most out of these warm-ups. Combining these two stretches will allow you to free up your spine to get the full range of motion that you are looking for.

To free up your spine, free up your swing and free up your drive, get your next round started with these two stretches!