Flight Your Wedges Down to Own the Zone from 80 Yards and In

Virgil Herring teaches the perfect method for using gap wedge on an 80 yard golf shot

One of the most important clubs in your bag is your sand or gap wedge because, let’s face it, you’re not hitting too many par 5s in two. You may even struggle to reach some of the longer par 4s in regulation. This means you’re going to be hitting A LOT of wedges from 80 yards and in throughout the course of a round.

To help you achieve your goals this season, we put together a series of video tips with Golf Channel Academy lead coach Virgil Herring sure to help you shoot lower scores in the months ahead. In clip three of this series (see below), Virgil explains how to reduce the amount of spin on the ball and flight your wedges down, which is extremely helpful when you’re playing into the wind or just trying to gain better control of your ball. A good wedge game will help you hit more par 5s in regulation and save you a ton of shots on the longer, more difficult holes.