Use Your Core and Arms to Hit More Fairways

Virgil Herring teaches you how to hit more fairways by using your arms and your core in your golf swing

The Masters is just around the corner, which for much of the country signifies that the start of the new golf season is close. Really close. To help you get off to a fast start, we put together a series of video tips with GOLF Academy lead coach Virgil Herring sure to help you shoot lower scores and achieve your goals in the months ahead.

In the first of these clips, Virgil dons a blue and white shirt to help explain the different roles that your body’s core (blue parts) and arms (white parts) play in the golf swing, and how they need to blend together to help you hit the ball straighter off the tee. Long drives are nice, but if you can find a way to hit two or three more fairways per round, it’s going to make a huge difference on your scorecard. In this tip, Virgil explains how to do just that!

Watch and Review 

One of the most important parts of taking golf strokes off your game is to drive the golf ball in play. This drill will help your body motion to do just that. ‘

The core provides rotation, while the arms provide vertical leverage upward and downward. One of the many struggles golfers face is that they end up lifting their core and rotating their arms when it should be the opposite.

The core should turn, while the arms provide leverage. If you remember these body motion keys and nail your swing rotation, you’ll drive the ball better and improve your game!